Patricia Garzón

President + Director
Patricia founded Spàzio in 2014 with a clear vision, to combine two passions: the seamless collaboration between architecture and real estate development.
She has always envisioned both disciplines extremely intertuined with each other. For this reason, she has made it the mission of Spazio to facilitate the beautiful fusion in creating spaces that give agency to the user.
She believes that architecture and real estate development must both hold the same goals in the development of a project: to be able to create spaces that are innovative, forward-thinking, and fuel the lives of the people that inhabit the design of our spaces. She strives to create spaces that elevate the human experience.
 Patricia now focuses on leading the company’s direction in exploring new business ventures, woking with forward-thinking clients, and looking closely at the company’s financial wellbeing.

Raúl Gavela

General Contractor + Project Manager
Raul Gavela has over twenty-years of experience working in the construction industry and has developed a number of successful architectural proposals for real estate companies. He has completed 25+ multi-family, residential, and high-rise projects within the real estate sector and joined the Spàzio team to lead the supervision and follow-through of our projects. He is a registered General Contractor with the state of Florida and is extremely well versed with construction codes and execution.
At Spàzio, he also leads the pre-development of our properties and works closely alongside municipalities and city governments to obtain permits and oversee all legal formalities.

Sebastián Merlo

Sebastian is responsible for overseeing the marketing and promotional materials of Spàzio. He is currently on track to receive his B.Arch from the Rice University School of Architecture in Houston, TX. He is charge of producing high-quality renderings for the commercialization of our properties. He also controls and oversees our firm’s social media outlets and the wellbeing of our website. He is also responsible for all graphic design materials of the company.

Anthony Arias

Marketing & Sales
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