Casa Dimosio

Casa Dimosio’s philosophy is rooted deep in the idea of collectivity, interaction, and a strong sense of community. The intention that drove the development of the home is the re-establishment of what domesticity can be. This concept was made tangible by introducing a set of three distinct types of spaces that organize the home.

The first element that was explored was the introduction of three distinct terminal spaces. The intention is for these spaces to become spaces for engagement that inspire a sense of collective enjoyment for its users. Then, a set of corridors were created to connect these terminal spaces. These corridor spaces create a peaceful transition between the diverse programs of each terminal space. The intention of these corridor spaces is to provide a refresher period for the users to move on to the next terminal space.

Finally, inresponse to aset of needsfor certain spaces to embrace both logics, a terminal-corridor hybrid type of s pace was conceived. These types of spaces serve as spaces for community engagement, as well as circulation to singular terminal spaces. Casa Dimosio inherits its name from the Greek word dimosio meaning “belonging to the public” and this is the lifestyle the design seeks to establish for its in habitants.